We Made It

Our journey to Pearland, Texas began earlier this morning at 7 am where we were met with a good amount of rain in the first few hours of driving.  Our journey took a quick detour as we decided to make a stop at the church that our senior pastor worked at back in the 80’s and 90’s, Shreveport Bible Church (see pictures).  It was a great stop and we took a few minutes to see if any of the staff or members remembered him and we did find some who remembered. 

After our quick detour we got back on the road to get a bite to eat and watch the Packer game.  The Packer game didn’t end up how we would have liked, but Paul was happy as the Bears ended up winning.  With only a couple hundred miles to go, we began our final drive to Pearland, Texas to get checked in and settle in at the host church.  Upon arrival to the host church site, we got settled into our living quarters for the week as we get prepared for the serving that God has called us to do.

We ask for your prayers tomorrow as we go through orientation and are on site for our first day.  We ask for your prayers for safety and that God will use us to show that He is the light.  We look forward to sharing stories this week on how God is using us to share the good news.

Go Team Texas – Brad, CJ, Jon, Paul, and Scott

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