Nice to Meet You

Today marked our second day on the job site which meant continuing the work we started on day 1 and even beginning some new tasks.  Brad, CJ, and Paul did a great job finishing hanging and setting kitchen cabinets and are now at professional status for cabinetry.  Jon and Scott began working on baseboard trim while fighting the heat and humidity while outside cutting. 

After lunch we had the pleasure of getting to meet the home owner who stopped by as she always tries to do each week as new volunteers come through to work on her home.  It was a true blessing to get to hear her story and learn a little bit about her.  She is in great spirits and extremely grateful for the work Samaritan’s Purse is doing to help her get back into her home.  It is moments like this where you take a step back to be thankful for all God has done and provided for us.  We ask you to keep this homeowner and all those who will continue to work on her home in your prayers.

With only half of the trip left, we also ask for continued prayers for safe travels to and from the site, safety while on the site, and positive spirits as we all continue taking on new and unfamiliar tasks.  We would like to thank everyone who has continued to pray for us and we truly appreciate all the responses on the blog as the words of encouragement keep us going as we get closer to the end of our trip.

Go Team Texas – Brad, CJ, Jon, Paul, and Scott

4 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You

  1. Praying for you guys! Thank you for saying “yes” and obediently following the call to go and serve. Your time there will have impact far beyond this week as this woman welcomes people into her home and tells the story of all who helped build her home. Praying that you would feel sustained and stengthened as you finished out your week!
    Kim and Josh

    • Thanks for the note and the prayers Kim and Josh. I appreciate you logging on and sending a note. The team has enjoyed reading them and getting encouragement from them this week

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