Half Way

Today marked the half way point of our Mission work and the progress at the home we are serving at is really starting to show.  The other part of our team of men from Pennsylvania got put with another team lead that returned back to the site today, which just left us and our team lead Mark.  It was a great day of tile work and lots of baseboard trim. 

Later in the morning hours, Willy, the homeowner’s son stopped by and it was great getting to meet and chat with him.  Our team lead Mark told us earlier in the week that he was “a little guy” in joking way, so getting to meet Willy made that come to life.  Willy had a heart bigger than he was and it was great having him be able to see the continued transformation of his mother’s home.

We got a bit of relief from the heat and humidity after lunch as a storm passed through the area we were in, but that didn’t slow our progress down.  As the sun returned after the storm passed through, we had one of the neighbors stop by with three pies for us.  They wanted to show their appreciation as they have noticed how hard we had been working.  It is in those moments that we are reminded that the work and ministry we are a part of goes beyond just the home owners we are in direct contact with.  We aren’t showing the light of Jesus Christ for those impacted by just that home, but everyone else in the direct community and greater Houston community.

We appreciate the continued prayers and responses on the blog and ask that you continue those prayers as we finish the week up. 

Go Team Texas – Brad, CJ, Jon, Paul, and Scott

[Sorry no pictures today.  We were too busy.  We’ll get you some tomorrow]

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