Meet Dan & Heather!

As we travel south, the air changes its scent…to my favorite food, BBQ. Yeehaw! Hey y’all! I’m Dan Watts from Pine Bluff, WI. I am a self employed woodworker and hope to share my skills with the team while in Texas. I have been married to Heather (also on the team) for 30+ years. We have 2 daughters – Jessica is 29 and lives in NC and Megan is 23 and lives in Madison. We have been going to Blackhawk Church for 13 or so years. Heather is happily employed at Blackhawk.
We are excited to be joining this team on this mission trip. Heather and I have been on many trips with our youth over the years. We decided to finally try an adult trip after praying and talking.
Random Fact: This will be my (Dan) 9th mission trip. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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