Meet Gary!

My wife, Janet, and I have been married for 41 years. We’ve been attending Blackhawk since 1994. Since 2014 I have transitioned my world from a career in health care to a new season of helping. This has involved everyone from family and friends to those who I became exposed to who had a need. This new season has involved helping with Habitat for Humanity, assisting in last years flood relief, to simply providing a ride for someone with a last minute need. Last year after Harvey I had applied with 5 agencies to go to Houston as a volunteer but was rejected due to the limited time frame that I had available to offer. So here I am fulfilling that opportunity from a year ago!
Random fact: I’m addicted to Suzy-Q’s not Ho-Ho’s not Ding Dong’s but Suzy-Q’s! But they are not as easy to find anymore.

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