Meet Kevin!

Kevin is a software engineer at Exact Sciences, which makes a colon cancer screening product. He met his wife Kirsten in Omaha, Nebraska while he was in the U.S. Navy. Let that sink in … it was as far from submarines as he could get, and still be in the Navy! Kevin and Kirsten have four boys ages 17-21 and have been attending Blackhawk since 1999 or so, when it was still at the Whitney Way site.
This will be the third disaster relief trip Kevin has been on with Brad, and the first reconstruction gig. It’s great to directly help the families who are really struggling after a major storm. During the week in Texas, he’ll try to cram in a few runs because he’s training for his first-ever half Marathon on Memorial Day weekend! What could possibly go wrong?

One thought on “Meet Kevin!

  1. May nothing at ALL go wrong !!!!! [Miraculously]. May everyone sense the enabling and nearness of the Lord as you drive and work, and may the people you help find the Lord as Savior.

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