Meet Kevin!

Kevin is a software engineer at Exact Sciences, which makes a colon cancer screening product. He met his wife Kirsten in Omaha, Nebraska while he was in the U.S. Navy. Let that sink in … it was as far from submarines as he could get, and still be in the Navy! Kevin and Kirsten have four boys ages 17-21 and have been attending Blackhawk since 1999 or so, when it was still at the Whitney Way site.
This will be the third disaster relief trip Kevin has been on with Brad, and the first reconstruction gig. It’s great to directly help the families who are really struggling after a major storm. During the week in Texas, he’ll try to cram in a few runs because he’s training for his first-ever half Marathon on Memorial Day weekend! What could possibly go wrong?

Meet Brad!

Hi my name is Brad and I’ve been attending Blackhawk Church for about 13 years. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Melissa for 13 1/2 years and I have two great energetic boys Caleb (10) and Isaac (7). A year after Hurricane Katrina I found my passion for serving others as part of disaster relief teams. I put my passion on hold after Caleb was born. Fortunately in 2015 my whole family supported my vision to start serving on week long trips responding to disasters and rebuilding communities impacted by disasters. That is what brings me to this trip. I was fortunate to serve in the community surrounding Pearland Texas about a month after Hurricane Harvey hit and I was also involved with a team that rebuilt a home in October of 2018 in the same area. Now I’m looking forward to building new relationships with my team members, other volunteers on site in Pearland and the homeowners that we are serving. When you don’t find me working as a computer programmer or serving you can find me on the golf course trying to get back to the good old days when I knew where the golf ball was going to go when I hit it!!!

Meet Scott!

My name is Scott and I am excited to be part of another GO Team Trip with Blackhawk Church and go back to Texas. I went to Pearland, Texas two years ago after Hurricane Harvey hit to do disaster clean up, as well as last October and am looking forward to serving the community as they continue their rebuild. I have also served in Southern Wisconsin and Louisiana doing mission work after natural disasters.
My wife, Kate, and I have been together since 2007 and are blessed to have three beautiful children, Peyton (8), Camden (5), and Dawson (3). I currently work in Healthcare as a Continuous Quality Improvement Facilitator for SSM Health and when I am not working I enjoy training and competing in Obstacle Course Races and other sports and outdoor activities.

Meet Sarah!

I started coming to Blackhawk about 5 years ago after a coworker who was new in town asked me about local churches. Since then I have transitioned jobs and come on staff at Blackhawk as part of our Operations Team. Almost a year ago I had this amazing day filled with laughter, skateboards, a monkey, and vows where I got to marry my best friend! (Ask me about the skateboards, or monkey, sometime.) Since this life change, I have been feeling a pull to serve in a more deliberate way. Hearing about the rebuild team, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to do just that!
I am excited to be going on my first “adult” serving trip! (I’ve gone with our middle school team to Alaska as well as some other trips while in college.) I’m also looking forward to learning more about the basics of construction and disaster rebuild efforts.

Meet Dan & Heather!

As we travel south, the air changes its scent…to my favorite food, BBQ. Yeehaw! Hey y’all! I’m Dan Watts from Pine Bluff, WI. I am a self employed woodworker and hope to share my skills with the team while in Texas. I have been married to Heather (also on the team) for 30+ years. We have 2 daughters – Jessica is 29 and lives in NC and Megan is 23 and lives in Madison. We have been going to Blackhawk Church for 13 or so years. Heather is happily employed at Blackhawk.
We are excited to be joining this team on this mission trip. Heather and I have been on many trips with our youth over the years. We decided to finally try an adult trip after praying and talking.
Random Fact: This will be my (Dan) 9th mission trip. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Meet Gary!

My wife, Janet, and I have been married for 41 years. We’ve been attending Blackhawk since 1994. Since 2014 I have transitioned my world from a career in health care to a new season of helping. This has involved everyone from family and friends to those who I became exposed to who had a need. This new season has involved helping with Habitat for Humanity, assisting in last years flood relief, to simply providing a ride for someone with a last minute need. Last year after Harvey I had applied with 5 agencies to go to Houston as a volunteer but was rejected due to the limited time frame that I had available to offer. So here I am fulfilling that opportunity from a year ago!
Random fact: I’m addicted to Suzy-Q’s not Ho-Ho’s not Ding Dong’s but Suzy-Q’s! But they are not as easy to find anymore.

Meet Laura!

My name is Laura. I am retired after working many years as a Special Ed. teacher. My husband, Bob, and I have 2 grown children and 1 grandchild. I have been attending Blackhawk for about 15 years and have been involved with One-to-One ministry on and off for the duration of that time. I am excited to make this trip with Samaritan’s Purse. I have had a passion to help those in need for a long time. I am excited to see God at work as He brings people together to respond to a crisis.

Texas Go Team: April 2019

Thanks for checking out the Disaster Rebuild GO Team blog! This Saturday, April 6, 2019 we are sending a team Pearland, Texas to assist in rebuild efforts through Samaritan’s Purse. Our team of 9 will be working in partnership with the local community, Samaritan’s Purse and a homeowner on a home rebuild.
Please keep the team in your prayers and keep checking back for daily updates on the team!

Meet Brad!

My name is Brad and I’m excited to travel to the Houston Texas area to rebuild homes impacted by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  I was fortunate enough to be part of the disaster response that happened for several weeks after the hurricane left much of the East coast of Texas heavily flooded.  As a profession I develop custom software for an insurance company in the Madison area but I have a strong passion for construction specifically related to helping others in need.  I’m looking forward to see what God has in store for the awesome team that I’m traveling to Texas with this year.

I have a wife named Melissa that I’ve been married to for 13 years in October.  I also have two kids: Caleb (9) and Isaac (6).

Meet Paul!

My name is Paul, and I am excited to participate on this GO Team to Pearland, Texas.  I have served once before with Samaritan’s Purse.

I am a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine, and have been in health care for more than 30 years.

I am happily married to my wonderful wife, Heidi.  We have four awesome daughters: Tess (25), Mary Grace (24), Emma (24), and Lillie (22).  We are relatively new empty nesters, and love it.

I have been involved with Blackhawk since 1981, and have served and been served in many ways.  I have been on GO Teams in the past to Honduras, and multiple trips to Kenya.

I enjoy playing and following sports, reading, and doing woodwork.